Comparison of 2004 and 2014 World's Most Admired Companies

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Tessa Howard Internet Assignment 2 GM 105 October 3, 2014 2004 America’s Most Admired Companies 2014 World’s Most Admired Companies 1. Wal-Mart 1. Apple 2. Berkshire Hathaway 2. Amazon 3. Southwest Airlines 3. Google 4. General Electric 4. Berkshire Hathaway 5. Dell 5. Starbucks 6. Microsoft 6. Coca-Cola 7. Johnson & Johnson 7. Walt Disney 8. Starbucks 8. FedEx 9. FedEx 9. Southwest Airlines 10. IBM 10. General Electric The following method is how Fortune determines the most admired list. First, Fortune magazine starts with 1,400 companies and then 1,000 largest U.S. companies are ranked by revenue and non U.S. companies in Fortune’s Global 500 database with revenue of $10 billion or more. Fortune then selects the 15…show more content…
The 2014 Top 3 companies deals with computers and internet. This just shows how the world has changed and that technology and innovation are very important attributes that people look at. The majority of the companies ranked in the Top 10 are ranked #1 in the industry that they are classified in. Although Southwest Airlines was ranked #7 in its industry but because of the revenue that it received from the previous year it gave them leverage to stay on the Top 10 even though they fell from 2 ranks down (Southwest was ranked #7 in 2013). It just shows that profitability is a big factor to be on the list. To pick Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for, the company partners with the Great Place to Work Institute to conduct an extensive employee survey in corporate America. The survey asks questions related to their attitudes about management’s credibility, job satisfaction, and camaraderie. Comparing the list of 2014 Top 10 World’s Most Admired companies to the Top 10 Best Companies to work for, only one company made both list and that was Google. Google is well-known for the perks for working for the company. From free food to the gym membership that makes employees happy but when employees were asked why they love working for Google majority are proud to be a part of the innovative work that the company has to offer the public. It is strange that on the 100 Best Companies to work for that only one company made it from the 10 Most Admired Companies to work

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