Competitive Factors Of Wipro

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3. Determinants of its Product stewardship: highlight the predominance of any of the determinants as cost, quality, delivery, flexibility, innovation, technology, value, resource utilization, or any other to have provided the company competitive advantage
Wipro draws its competitive advantage from five factors:
 Excellence in Technology:
Wipro entered into market through engineering route and later in 1980 Wipro established itself as engineering lab which multinational companies could hire that. Its “lab-to-hire” business worked well and today it accounts for one third of its business revenue making it third largest R&D provider
 Innovative Solutions
Wipro takes pride on being innovative organisations and offers its clients customized and
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They have “Six Sigma” which is followed for every product which makes Wipro a process oriented organisation and this results in delivering quality products.
 Global Footprint with Emerging Market Knowledge
Global footprints of Wipro helps Wipro to stand out from its Indian rivals especially its portfolio split towards emerging markets. Its Asia-Pacific (APAC) region contributes $1 billion to its revenue which differentiate it from its competitor like Infosys. Lot of market clients showed interest in Wipro not because of its technological solutions but it bring lot of experience in various other fields like retail, finance and telecom which helps in better management of business processes. Other America clients like Cisco and Microsoft showed their interest to work with Wipro.
 Company Culture of Linking Values to Business Performance
Wipro’s culture fits with its clients is also an important factor if its growth. Its culture is “less flashy and less aggressive” than its rivals in India. Through out the organisation same culture is being followed and brand Wipro is all about
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To increase the biodiversity, they have started with the project which is divided into the four themed parts: Image Courtesy:
First stage of Butterfly Park completed in March 2013. To complete the biodiversity project they work closely with experts of biodiversity, conservation department etc.
Pollution and Waste Management
Wipro has set its goals for pollution and waste management as:
 100% organic waste management in-house by 2014-15 end
 Mixed solid waste intensity to be reduced to half by 2017
 Landfill intensity to be reduced to half by 2017
Wipro waste management focus on
Recycling waste for future use
 Safe disposal of waste in environment
Wipro keeps track of its action that should not harm the environment. During reporting period no fines were imposed on Wipro due to their disposals or any other negative impact due to their
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