Competitive Profile Matrix ( Cpm )

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• NBC Universal • Times Warner Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) Before designing any strategy, it is necessary to see the strategies and performance of our competitors. We evaluate the competitive position of our competitors and then make the strategies for the future. So, this is the competitive profile matrix which will show the position of our competitors with respect to us like News and Time Warner. Corporations Walt Disney Time Warner News Critical success factors Weight Rating Score Rating Score Rating Score Advertising 0.4 2 0.20 4 0.8 3 0.6 Product Quality 0.3 3 0.10 3 0.3 4 0.4 Price Competitiveness 0.1 2 0.05 3 0.45 2 0.1 Management 0.3 3 0.1 4 0.4 3 0.3 Financial Position 0.4 4 0.10 3 0.3 4 0.4…show more content…
• Entertainment industry is subject to various legislations which a pass at reasonable rapidity. • The formal policies of USA are not based on objective analysis and judgment. • Technologies advancement shift is quite significant resulting in impact on entertainment industry. • Lasting economic recession leading to slow growth rate • High unemployment rate • Park and Resorts Divisions’ success is unpredictable because of exchange rate fluctuations; travel industry trends; amount of available leisure time; oil and transportation prices; and weather patterns and seasonality. • Changes in technology leads customers to stream online instead of buying DVD. • Online streaming makes Disney defenseless to piracy and violation of its intellectual property. • Retail distribution business are influenced by seasonal consumer purchasing behavior and by the timing and performance of animated theatrical release • Increase in labor cost which will have a noticed impact in Walt-Disney expenses due to their large amount of employee. Internal audit: Strengths: • Company has good relationship with the suppliers. • Company is also maintaining healthy relationship with collective bargaining agent (CBR). • Disney is one of the most recognizable entertainment company in the world • They have strong advertising • Wide and unique portfolio of the company • Innovative entertainment business • Strong customer
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