Computer Management System And Its Impact On Business Activities

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1.2 According to David Ingram (2015) CMS refers to systems and processes to collect data from different sources in order to present information in a more understandable layout. Beynon-Davies (2015,p.2) argues Computer management system it’s extremely significant for business activities overall, because for businesses data it’s the most powerful factor as information its critical to create competiveness among private sector, as through systems information organisations are always aware of anything related to sales, orders, stock control and records , and this information it’s what it contributes for businesses realisation overall due to the ability that each systems has on gathering up to date data. CMS minimizes overload data, because the system has the ability to modify the larger amount of information data by summarizing everything in order to avoid managers to get confused and get flooded with exhaustive details (Management hub,2016). CMS function at some point its mainly to focus on helping organisations functions such forecasting ,payroll or costing to develop more efficiently, as CMS role is to make sure that only correct information its collected from different sources and then processed and delivered to the right departments , because MIS function is to fulfil managers necessities at all levels (Role of the management information systems,2012). For example MC Donald’s uses CIS to look after financial management, inventory management ,forecasting, time and

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