Conclusion Of Bioiosensors

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1. Introduction
2. Architectural Highlights
a. Nanomaterials
i. Gold ii. Carbon
b. Detection Methods
1. Fluorescence
2. Surface Plasmon Resonance
3. Piezoelectricity
3. Applications
a. Glucose Concentrations
b. Alzhemier’s Disease
c. Escherichia coli (E.coli)
d. HIV viral load measurement
e. Cancer
4. Conclusion
In recent years, the use of bionanosensors in medical diagnostics has seen a favorable rise in research due to a growing need for reliable, early-detection methods of diseases and viruses. Bionanosensors have proven their integration in smart-phone applications that further breach the boundaries between reliable, accurate, and readily-available tools for point-of-care diagnostics and treatment. Biosensors are …show more content…

In research for detecting a prostate specific antigen (PSA) for diagnosing prostate cancer, gold electrodes were used for a lab-on-a-chip-based biosensor device prototype as seen in Fig. 1 [6] [10]. The device shown is operated wirelessly using MiContTM software. [10]. Fig. 1b outlines the various internal components of the biosensor device as well as the LCD display for the end user. A schematic of the biochip is shown in Fig. 1c and the measurable size of the chip is displayed against a ruler in Fig. 1d. Figure 1 Fully integrated and automated MiSens biosensor device (A, B) and its biochip (C, D). Note. Image reprinted with permission from [10], Uludag Y, Narter F, Sağlam E, Köktürk G, Gök MY, Akgün M, Barut S, Budak S, An integrated lab-on-a-chip-based electrochemical biosensor for rapid and sensitive detection of cancer biomarkers, (2010), © Anal Bioanal Chem 408(27):7775–7783.
Gold nanoparticles provide the capability of stable molecular immobilization without affecting bioactivities. As a result, the use of gold electrodes has been used in the successful detection of the rfbe gene E.coli 0157:H7 [4].
Nanomaterials – Carbon
Carbon nanomaterials such as graphene and methylene have been utilized because of their ability to enhance electrochemical biosensor performance and increase conductivity and stability of prepared immunosensors [6]. An immunosensor was created by coupling graphene nanosheets and gold

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