Construction And Commissioning Of Alpha Machine Shop

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will manage the design, construction and commissioning of the Alpha Machine Shop. Project Manager will hand over Operations of the Alpha Machine Shop to the operations management team prior to the official opening. Alpha Consulting Board of Directors will retain approval authority for all critical design, marketing and financial decisions throughout the project. Project team resources include the Project Manager, Project Leader (Design & Construction), Team Leader (Financial), Team Leader (Procurement), Team Leader (Human Resources) as well as a Marketing Manager. A contracted firm, overseen by the Project Manager, will carry out construction & commissioning activities. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) describes the high level activities and schedule for the project. Subsequent planning activities will break high level activities down further into tasks. Level three schedule will be prepared which will break down the lengthy tasks into subordinate tasks. The schedule also identifies the “critical path” of activities and milestones, which must be met to achieve the target opening date of January 1st 2018. Project duration is from September 2016 to December 2017, a period of 16 months. The total project cost is $5,329,700, based on a Class B estimate, with a range of +25% to -10%. The project risk is low for Phases 1 (preconstruction), 2 (construction), Phase 3 (Post construction) and Operations. Risk management and mitigation are dealt with at length in the

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