Consumer Behavior And Consumer Decision Making Essay

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Consumer behavior (Authors Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Consumer behavior The first step to consumer decision making is problem recognition. The root cause to making a decision starts with recognizing a particular problem by a consumer. The consumer has a need or a want that should be satisfied. A consumer can recognize that his current car is not of the new standards and thus he/she is compelled to consider buying a new one. The second step to consumer decision-making process is information search. This involves the consumer looking for a product or services that effectively satisfies his/her wants. Most of the information received by the consumer is however through commercial sources such as newspapers, catalogs, media advertisement or through direct contact with the manufacture via mail. In this particular stage the consumer also analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the varieties of products available (Solomon, 2009). Once the consumer decides on which product or service best satisfies his/her needs and wants the consumer goes to the next step which is to evaluate alternatives. The consumer’s main goal is to identify the best deal by comparing the various features and benefits of the different products. This may be based on a number of factors such as price, brands, colors and quality of the product or service, other factors such as preference may also influence their decisions. For consumers considering purchasing a car, price and prestige may be
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