Contributions In The Case Of Benedict Arnold's War

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Most espionage cases involve two things: a foreign connection and an insider threat. Many factors lead to a trusted individual having no alternative than betraying his or her own country. John Andre was the foreign connection in this instance, and Benedict Arnold being the insider threat that had no alternative but to commit treason and become the United States most famous traitor. Benedict Arnold had a laundry list of indicators that made him an attractive target to the likes of the British. Arnold was the second most important General in the American Army, and that type of person should get the praise they deserve, and Arnold did not receive that praise. Arnold had numerous battle victories, including Saratoga, possibly his most famous, but still felt like the Americans did not appreciate his value. On top of that, Arnold was not being paid for his efforts as a General in the Continental Army. Many spies and traitors in the history of the United States generally have financial troubles compounded among other indicators. When someone feels they are having financial troubles they look for another way to make a source of income and being a spy or traitor seems to be a method to accomplish that goal. If Benedict Arnold had been treated fairly and received proper compensation, both monetarily and respectfully, Andre never would have had the insider threat needed to accomplish his mission.
The second reason the incident could have been prevented does not exist because the incident was prevented. Andre never got the defensive plans back to the British, and Arnold’s treachery was stopped before the British had a chance to come to fruition. The British did have control of Arnold, and he could possibly detail the defenses of West Point, but by that time the Americans most likely had already augmented the defenses of West Point.
If Arnold was released back to the Americans, Andre’s life would have been spared. The British did not want to exchange Arnold for Andre because General Clinton did not want to discourage other defectors from coming forward with information beneficial to the British. The Americans would have had to work harder to make sure the British were not able to pull something over on them again. Andre

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