Corporate Culture ( Vision Mission, Values

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Corporate Culture (Vision, Mission, Values) CoxHealth’s Mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve through quality health care, education & research. CoxHealth’s Vision is to be the best for those who need them. CoxHealth’s Values are Safety, Compassion, Respect & Integrity. The vision of CoxHealth to be the best for their patients is disseminated through the organization effectively as the careforce at CoxHealth is comprised of employees, physicians, and volunteers who are united by the common goal of providing their patients (and their families) the best experience possible. The employees are inspired by this vision and they believe in this vision/mission statement to care for their patients. The CEO of the organization, Mr. Steve Edwards also stressed on this vision/ mission statement and values while delivering his speech for the new employee orientation. The vision/ mission statement guides day-to-day operations of the organization and the employees are constantly made aware of the fact that they have to be “always” available for their patients. Employees are shown the “Culture of Always” video at Employee forums in which they are shown how to be always available for their patients. The leadership of the organization also stresses on the importance of quality health care for the patients by keeping the employees informed about the latest quality standards. Also education is stressed throughout the organization by offering education about the latest
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