Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr

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Abstract Although many research about corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been conducted, there are still some field to study more. The purpose of this research paper is to find out whether Business-to-Business companies implement CSR actively. According to the numerous researches shows that correlation between Business-to-Consumer and CSR are strongly related due to variety reasons such as brand image and brand equity. Thus, we thought that B2B business is not actively doing because B2B companies are not directly related to consumer. To understand and enhance this research paper, we cover basic concept and indicators of CSR. In addition, we employs “2014 Global CSR Reptrack 100” report released by reputation institute to disclose the result.

Key words
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Business-to-Business, Reputation Institute.

Corporate Social Responsibility has been popular strategy among companies. Numerous companies release CSR report and variety of studies have been conducted on different aspect of CSR. Although many researches have been conducted, there are some controversy about concept and effectiveness of CSR. According to the recent study, CSR reports are significantly related to short and long-term measurement of financial performance (Orhan Akisik • Graham Gal, 2014) and M. Tsoutsoura’s date (Tsoutsoura, 2004) indicates that the sings of the relation between CSR and financial performance were positive. In addition, CSR influences

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