Covergirl Advertisement Analysis

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Does your foundation or concealer feel heavy on your face? Or does your powder feel like it’s not doing its job? You might want to try something by Covergirl. Covergirl is a company that makes beauty products. They are advertising a new foundation, concealer, and powder. Covergirl has a concealer that is light on your face and provides total coverage. Their advertisements are for women of all ages. This Covergirl advertisement features a pretty young woman. Her makeup is very beautiful without being too dramatic. It’s very fresh and natural looking. This ad uses text that tells us how the product will make you feel. It says that the makeup will feel “easy breezy and beautiful” on your face. The advertisement also talks about how…show more content…
It’s targeted to women of all ages. The ad is basically saying to younger buyers that using this makeup will give you the look of naturally flawless glowing skin like this beautiful model. To the older buyer, it’s trying to make it seem that you can regain the fresh and natural beauty of your youth. How does this product make you feel? Her face looks great, and her skin looks flawless. The lady in the advertisement has that nice glow that everyone wants. The daisy also helps give that fresh look to the advertisement. It makes the buyer think of pretty and natural things. Who does not want to look naturally pretty? The tone of the company is happy. It is also positive. Covergirl has achieved that fresh look within the advertisement because of the colors it uses. It makes the buyer feel happy. The colors are a lot of white with a little bit of green and yellow. They have used colors that make you think of a new fresh beginning. This is a product for females. The age is young teens to women in their late 30’s and early 40’s. It is geared towards women who like makeup and like to have a nice
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