Creating New Services in the Ecotourism Industry

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New Service Business Idea Creating New Services in the Eco Tourism Industry Executive Summary There are many possibilities for a new service oriented business. However, one trend that has been identified is an increased interest in sustainability and people who are becoming more aware of environmental and social issues. Consumers are increasingly considering factors involving sustainability into their purchasing decisions. Therefore, it seems reasonable to expect that the niche referred to as ecotourism will represent one service oriented model that will expand indefinitely. This growing demographics of consumers that consider environmental and social issues will be demand innovative and unique opportunities for leisure that are consistent with their perspective. Marketing to this growing market segment will be a complex task that will require that service providers act ethically on all fronts. The development of the service strategy must consider all aspects of both social and environmental impacts of the business and the services they provide. Furthermore, the promotion of the services must also be consistent with the CSR practices. This analysis will consider industry environment that would be relevant to a new ecotourism business in the near future. Introduction The idea for this service model has been designed around the assumption that corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be an increasingly salient factor for consumption of various services in the near
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