Creating Value For Customers : Case Study

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MKRT 310 7381 Strategic Principles (2172)

Jhovita Williams

University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Strategic Marketing
1. Creating Value for Customers:
The release of Apple watch in the recent years has gained a great fame among the gurus of technology, professionals from athletic and fashion industries along with the loyal customers of Apple’s company. The introduction of this watch reflects one of the most personal devices that have been launched by the company and ease of buying is associated with it and it is considered as essentially an Apple’s iPhone wrapped around the wrist. With the target of the newer population segments such as children, the users of water proof watches and older citizens, the addition …show more content…

The goal of the marketing plan will be to target any possible single group within the market for accomplishing the inclusive goal of getting the Apple watch to replace the traditional watches in the market. The new market of customers will constitute of senior citizens, the users of diver watches and children (Swider, 2015).
These are the markets that have not yet been subjected to targeting the line of Apple watch, which is why the intended strategy will be specifically focusing on it. Further expansion of the product line will facilitate the targeting of all population that will encompass the populations from children to senior citizen. There are various lines of products that are intended to be added to the existing line of watches. The interests and demands of the population that have to be targeted is playing a crucial role in the execution of the marketing strategies to be implemented. The potential of children market for launching a new watch will be the main motivation behind the introduction of iKid into Apple line of watches. Meanwhile, the inclination of divers towards the use of Apple watches will be driving the need to launch iSwim in the new line of Apple watches. Similarly, the potential interest of the senior citizens in Apple watches of their interest will be used as a motivation for launching iSenior in the new line of Apple watches that is to be used by the senior citizens. As the traditional market of watches has been

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