Crisis Management

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The management of crisis such as the one in the case study on the copper mine collapse includes identifying the nature of the crisis and coming up with an appropriate plan to deal with it as the organization minimizes the damages and ultimately recovering from the crisis. Here there is a lot of focus that is directed towards the public relations to recover any public image damage suffered during the crisis as you assure the stakeholders of the recovery.
Considerations in this crisis management There are ten fundamental steps to consider in such a magnitude of crisis as it involves potential life threatening conditions, as noted below (Khera Communications, Inc. 2009): 1. Have a comprehensive plan. The mine management should have a comprehensive plan that will enable the organization to get out of the crisis. The plan should be one that is able to address any bespoke and random vulnerabilities within the industry.
2. Crisis identification Identify the crisis as soon as possible once it happens and move fast towards finding a corrective measure. There are three golden rules in PR crisis communication that are fundamental in crisis control; as soon as a crisis happens, Tell it all, Tell it fast and Tell it honestly. This consideration will control the flow of the…
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