Essay about Critical Analysis of Current Labour Market Trends

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Analyze the current graduate employment opportunities within Human Resources

Within this assignment, I will be examining the current opportunities graduates have in human resources and the trends that affect their chances of employment such as; labour market, the impact of external factors influencing career patterns and how this affects the ethical and cultural issues, the relevant use of competences and professional standards and this affects graduates applying and dealing with the pressures of employment after graduating. In addition, I will be evaluating as a graduate, the positive and negative impacts faced in this market.

Labour Market

Cambridge business dictionary (2011) examines that the labour market is ‘the supply of
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Secondly, the economic
On the other hand, sociological
Lastly, technology has increased drastically within HR showing ‘77% of organisations using some form of HRIS ‘(CIPD 2005). Research conducted by Watson Wyatt (2002) showed that European companies mainly use the intranet and Internet to deliver HR services suggesting it will expand and increase more over the years. Kettley and Reilly (2003) a fully electronic network of HR related data; tools and applications are accessible by employees, managers and HR professionals. From a business perspective, e-HR includes cost cutting and the desire to change the nature of its relationship with employees and line managers. Ethical and cultural issues to your career path
In Human Resources, there are various issues that are faced by the department. When discussing ethics, it is referred to a prince of rules that describe right and wrong behaviour therefore HR has a major impact to build an ‘ethical culture’ within there organisation. Immanuel Kant (1790) ‘explained that ethical rules are known as a consequence of reason’ which when adapting to a HR perspective, the major ethical concerns experienced are; discrimination, age, race, gender prejudice and national origin which all coincide with hiring potential workers. Ethics in human resources is solely to do with
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