Critically Discuss the Factors Which Contribute to Building Cohesive Groups/Teams.

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Critically discuss the factors which contribute to building cohesive groups/teams.
The purpose of the essay is to discuss what factors can contribute to building cohesive groups. There are many factors which can be useful in developing perfectionism within a group. These factors are as follow: membership and work environment factors, organisational factors and group development and maturity. Meredith Belbin’s nine team roles also determine the degree to which cohesiveness is maintained. In order to discuss these factors, this essay will define what a group team is and present two different kinds of groups. Second, some of these factors contributing to success of group work will be described. Next, this essay will also focus on the role of …show more content…

A team can be successful if the members know each other for a reasonable time. Moreover, they can build trust within such a group and as a result it can help them in building confidence to perform tasks better (Mullins, 2010). Thus the time, individuals’ skills, and the size of the group are significant aspects in building successful teams.
Work environment is another factor which can help build and maintain perfectionism among team members. Nature of the task can contribute to the task and the degree of task difficulty should be moderated because too difficult tasks can cause conflicts, too easy one however boredom. Communication is also very important and tasks should be communicated clearly which can lead to cohesiveness. Technology is another aspect worth considering as the resources available in the workplace can contribute to developing successful teams (Mullins, 2010). Therefore, the manager should organise work according to the sources they have.
Organisational factor can also play an important part in maintaining successful teams. Successful team work depends on management and leadership styles. Encouragement and understanding of individual’s problems should be maintained. Human Resource policies and procedures should also be applied fairly and there should not be any act of discrimination towards people. Success is another key element bringing success in a team (Mullins, 2010). Thus a manager should take an active part in

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