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Industry: Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics 1) Provide a brief summary of the company. (20 points)
This should include where the company is headquartered, a brief history over the past 5 to 7 years, an overview of the company’s sales revenues and profits/losses, mission, vision and core values.

2) Situational Analysis: (60 points)
A situational analysis is a business term that means evaluation of trends and situation of a particular industry or market. An organization's competitive position, market and growth trends, operating and financial condition, and the general state of the company's internal and external affairs are evaluated in a situational analysis. * Is management planning to expand the business?
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Information from the internal evaluation forms the first two parts of the SWOT analysis: your company's strengths and weaknesses.

3) Complete a SWOT analysis. (25 points)
The situational analysis research leads to the development of the SWOT analysis.

4) Identify a minimum of two strategies that the company should pursue (the SWOT analysis should help to narrow and define those strategies). (45 points) c) Develop plans (strategic, tactical and operational) to support those organizational goals. d) Do your recommendations agree with the strategies that the company’s management is focusing on?

5) Organize resources to achieve organizational goals. (60 points) a) Describe the type of organizational structure used by the company. i) Is the current structure able to accomplish organizational goals using the principles of line and staff? ii) What changes or restructuring is occurring and why? Refer to the situational analysis that you completed – is the company hiring or laying off? iii) Position titles should be added; major divisions should be expanded, and staff and line departments should be clearly defined. b) What changes or restructuring would you recommend? Develop a human resource forecast that correlates with your plans. c) Develop an objective performance

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