Customer Buying Habit : A Supermarket Chain

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There are many transnational corporations that want to the open a store in China, but now, a British supermarket chain has a plan to the open a store in China. In addition, the essay will describe problems of company would face in China supermarket market. The first part will describe how some factor impact marking decision for the company, namely, customer buying habit, competitor information, culture and workforce. In the second part, the essay will evaluate what is a main problem of the company. Thirdly, it gives some recommendation for company that to avoid some problems. Finally, the essay will hope it through these information that to choice better opportunities and place to enter the Chinese market. The customer buying habit has a considerable influence for British supermarket chain which is plan open a store in China, it is also impacted by social factors, such as the group to which the customer belongs and social status. After that, the customer buying habits have identified typical patterns of consumers and will guide marketing decisions (Kim, 2016). Another factor is cultural shifts which might view to new products that might be wanted by customer or to raise demand. For example, the British supermarket chain, want open a store in China, which is might the company would face problems. the company did not understand customer buying habit which is cause not quick take up share of supermarket market, for example, when customer want to buy some daily necessities,

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