Consumer Buying Behavior

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CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR Factors which affect a consumer 's buying behavior includes Social factors are those factors which are induced by other people with whom the consumer is in contact with by one way or the other and have affect on the consumers buying behavior. These social factors can arise from culture, subculture, family and roles, reference groups and social class. Psychological Factors Psychological factors are an important part of the decision process. These are inherent to an individual and usually generate forces which affect his buying behavior. These forces include perception, motives, attitudes, learning and personality. Personal Factors Personal factors are those factors which are unique to an individual. …show more content…

However this stage can only be valid if there is large number of options available to the consumers Purchase decision After the evaluation stage is complete, the customer would select a product according to the best of his judgments and the internal and external factors that may have contributed towards his buying decision. So after the product is selected, the job of the seller is to ensure that there is no hurdle whatsoever in the purchasing stage and that the purchasing process is simple and effective. Even at this stage the buyer can change his mind or cancel the purchase altogether or move on to a competitor 's product. Even if the consumer makes a purchase at this stage, and if there has been any negative or bad experience while buying the product, the consumer may stop buying the product from that shop or brand in the future. The company selling the product would need to make the process as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible to safeguard their customers for future purchases. Post Purchase Behavior After purchasing the product and using/testing it, the consumers would either be satisfied or dissatisfied. A company would need the customer to be delighted with the purchase that he has made and also that he should feel proud of it. It is very important for the customers to be delighted and happy with the

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