Customer Expectation And How Much They Differ From High Street Customers

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eCommerce Strategy

Introduction In this assignments I will discuss internet customer expectation and how much they differ from high street customers, the potential impact of ecommerce applications and planning and managing an ecommerce strategy. I will also discuss the risk of linking business systems to the internet.

Impact of e-Commerce on business
Internet customers’ expect to have 24/7 service that is quick and easy with little to no contact with human members of staff. Speed is key. Maintaining a quick and high performing website is integral to ecommerce success, particularly during high demand times. Internet customers will become frustrated quickly if access is slow or not attainable and so will give up and try another rival business due to the ease of being able to visit multiple competitors within minutes. Surveys have shown that customers get frustrated with e commerce sites due to pop up adds, difficulty with finding specific items, service isn’t as good as in the actual store and the service isn’t personalised. For ecommerce businesses, customer expectations have become very high. They want cheaper products, in good condition with a quick delivery time and good customer service if they were to come into contact with an employee.
When a business becomes a click business or adds on to an existing brick, then their target customers increases and could become global, whereas with solely a brick business their customers are restricted to those within the
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