Customer Expectation And How Much They Differ From High Street Customers

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eCommerce Strategy

Introduction In this assignments I will discuss internet customer expectation and how much they differ from high street customers, the potential impact of ecommerce applications and planning and managing an ecommerce strategy. I will also discuss the risk of linking business systems to the internet.

Impact of e-Commerce on business
Internet customers’ expect to have 24/7 service that is quick and easy with little to no contact with human members of staff. Speed is key. Maintaining a quick and high performing website is integral to ecommerce success, particularly during high demand times. Internet customers will become frustrated quickly if access is slow or not attainable and so will give up and try another rival
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Online merchants have to comply with the rules stipulated by the credit and debit card issuers. There are now companies that enable financial transfer over the internet, for example Paypal. There is a huge element of speed and simplicity which is why they are so attractive to customers.
With the huge growth of internet payment systems, online shopping has become more and more common. Many customers now prefer to buy all but a few items from the comfort of their own home. They find it convenient and easier to bargain shop, as everyone is trying to find the cheapest price. One of the most enticing factors about online shopping, is that it alleviates the needs to stand and wait in line.
The use of email with ecommerce has also increased. It is used for confirmations, direct marketing and order updates. To buy from ecommerce sites, a customer will usually have to sign in. This will consist of the use of an email address. Automatically, the business has a direct line of marketing.
Customers benefits from the emails as well as they can receive order confirmations and updates and even track the whereabouts of their parcel.

eCommerce Plan

Marketing Strategy This is the goal of increasing sales and allowing a company to achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research with which to achieve maximum
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