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Debate Structure & tasks
“Quick Service companies should involve employees in their environmental scanning process.”
Dear Jury, honorable chairman, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. As just stated, today we will be discussing the following motion: “Quick Service companies should involve employees in their environmental scanning process.”
First I would like to rebut on what has been mentioned by the Opposition so far, then I will present the case for us as an opposition and finally I will state the reasons why we are against it. (These will be our labels)

P – You might, for example, address the ‘Opportunity’ as presented by P1 and argue that it isn’t really an opportunity at all.
The opportunity mentioned by
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Your next option is to ‘attack’ P1’s strategy proposal or their competitive method itself. Perhaps P1’s plan is missing parts (Who? How? ...)
Now, let me elaborate a little bit more on the first label (name the label again)
According to Olsen, the backbone of Strategic Development suggests that you need to have in general three main skills to scan the environment:
Need to identify forces that drive change through robust scanning efforts (relate to remote and task environment)
Ability to understand and estimate their timing
Capability to estimate the impact they will have on the firm.

Do you really that people working on an operational level in this type of industry actually possess skills and capabilities like this? Usually, people working in this type of industry have low education levels – that’s why they ended up there.

This is only one of the main reasons why we believe that……(state motion + say NOT).), and therefore I would like to ask you to oppose the motion.

Dear jury, observers, honorable chairman and proposition, first I would like to rebut on the fact……… mentioned previously by the opposition and then I would like to elaborate on our second reason of why … (state motion + say NOT).

The opposition mentioned that ……., however they failed to provide sufficient evidence of ….………..
The second reason why we believe that ….. (state motion + say NOT).is because of…(name the 2nd label)

Lack of motivation – usually people working in this industry has a
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