Data Collection Tools: Collecting Information Regarding the Organizational QI

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Organizational QI Plan - Part II Name: Institution: Date: Organizational QI Plan - Part II Areas of potential improvement for the organization There are various areas of improvement within the Organizational QI Plan. This data is categorical in the functioning of the hospitals together with the daily operations carried out by the nurses, doctors, and other operators who assist patients (Daniel, 2011). Some of the data to be collected include the nature and extend over which food materials are used within the organization, the reasons why food wastage is common among many patients, and the causes of patient negligence to adhere to their prescriptions as far as food is concerned. The focus will also be on the need to have an equitable plan. This will assist in balancing the relation between food supplies in the hospital and with their subsequent consumption. These are the basic information, which can be collected and presented by the tools below (Karimi et al, 2000). Data collection tools Questionnaires Information collected This data collection tool will help to bring out information concerning the Organizational QI Plan. For instance, questionnaires will collect information like the reasons why food materials are not categorically used within the hospital. The nature and responses of patients over their diet and daily intake of food materials will be known through this method of study. Furthermore, this tool will elicit data as the causes of imbalance between

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