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Shannon and David Beador of The Real Housewives of Orange County may still be married after he had an affair, but that doesn't mean that their marriage doesn't still need worked on. Radar Online has now revealed that Shannon and David are still in marriage counseling working on things, but this is not just random marriage counseling they go to once in a while. They are in a very serious program and the Beador's are working hard on making their marriage a success story. The last season of the show they didn't keep any secrets from viewers and shared all about the fact that David had cheated on her. Shannon did share that if her kids didn't know she might have kept it off the show, but her children knew everything that happened.

The couple is still in counseling and they had to deal with something big in their relationship …show more content…

But it is not the traditional type of counseling that most couples do. They still attend a 'Couples Retreat' and the one that they go to has a 90 percent success rate with repairing marriages.

David has shared in the past that she calls the people helping with their marriage mentors and not really counselors. Sometimes it takes a village and the Beadors are not ashamed to admit that they have needed a bit of help during their marriage. David Beador even explained some about his mentor.

My mentor is in the Army and he holds me accountable, but it is another man and I am able to speak man to man. With Shannon, she has a woman and she is able to speak woman to woman. I think that is important.

The source went on to say that Shannon and David Beador have not run into the mistress since the football game. When this all went down, Shannon shared that she felt like the woman knew they would be at the game and that might have been the reason she was there. They were actually sitting pretty close to each other at the game and Shannon and David have the same seats all the

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