Defining The Company 's Distinctive Capability Essay

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Defining the company’s distinctive capability is the first of the four pillars. The distinctive capability of ECA has been defined as being the low-cost operator. The low-cost advantage is what the analytics within the organization support. ECA has the ability to drill and produce their wells at the lowest cost among the competition. This ability is highly supported by the use of analytics and provides continuous opportunities to focus on measures that will drive the organization’s cost down. Without a distinct capability, the senior management’s commitment to competing on analytics would difficult to find. Next is the focus on the commitment of the senior management. The President of Energy Corporation of America has been an advocate for increasing the use of analytics enterprise-wide as well as multiple Vice Presidents across the organization. Kyle Mork recently became President of ECA following his father’s retirement and his focus has been much greater on analytics than in previous years. Also, a new IT Manager has been promoted and additional commitment from senior management in the IT department has boosted the drive for analytics. Overall, the senior management has been increasingly committed to advancing the organization through the use of analytics. Of the four pillars of analytics competition, senior management commitment should be considered the strongest pillar. However, one could argue the different levels of commitment. These different levels of commitment

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