Definition Essay On Honesty

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Best-selling author and podcaster James Altucher once said “Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake turning into a failure” (Altucher). What Altucher was saying is, honesty is a great help in pulling you out of bad situations before they can turn even worse in your life. There are many ways for honesty to work out positively in our lives, it can show a sense of trust within yourself or others you come in contact with. Honesty is also a big part of our lives in our wider culture by being able to express opinions towards various subjects. There are many ways where there is honesty in what goes on in our lives, in television, writing, and everyday conversations. Being honest can be seen as an award for telling the truth and not hiding it. It also promoted a sense of trust between you and the people around you to show that you are a person of your word. Honesty is also to show self-improvement, that you are able to be honest with yourself and the decisions you make and on up to them. Dishonesty can also lead to…show more content…
The Oxford English Dictionary defines honesty as “honour gained by action or conduct”, when I am honest I gain respect and attention by how I handled myself. When talking to my peers or adults in my family or school, I make it essential that I make sure I show and tell the real version of myself, not someone that only acts a certain way because of who I am talking to. When I have been honest I developed great relationships with the teachers of my high school and now the professors at my university. I am able to express opinions towards them that others may not want to share with the adults in their life. Honesty can leave out any misunderstandings people will have about me and it will help me be able to get out of bad situations, or prevent bad situations from happening. Also, I will be able to see a change within myself once I express
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