Demographic Factors Influencing Organizational Commitment Essay

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Organizational Behavior, BUS 5450
September 16, 2012

Organizational Commitment ii

Abstract A great deal of research has gone into determining which types of employees are more committed to their employers. The objective of this paper is to assess the demographic factors that influence organizational commitment and work habits. Specifically, this paper will focus on organizational and occupational commitment within the context of employee education. Based on the literature reviewed, the primary theme of this proposal is that education level and employee training programs are significant indicators of organizational commitment. Second, this review will provide a general overview of previous research methods and data
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The author surmised that his study was taken from a small cross section of the Pakistani workforce and that future research in this area should occur across a broad range of occupational workforces. He went on to acknowledge that the textile industry in Pakistan was significantly influenced by the national and global politics at varying times. Since Pakistan has experienced the demise of two governments since the turn of the new millennium, the author suggests that national instability influences employee commitment, and thus overrides the demographic factors that are used to model the research itself. I found the results of this study to be inconclusive with respect to providing usable data to discern the impact of education on organizational commitment. For example, supervisor level employees had significantly less university education than their managers, yet they were more inclined to speak about Organizational Commitment 4 their employer in a positive manner to those outside of the company. Furthermore, there were only marginal statistical differences between managers, supervisors and workers that thought the company provided them with no gain. A 2005 study completed by Elzbieta Sikorska-Simmons examined predictors of organizational commitment with assisted living staff. Dr. Sikorska-Simmons conducted data from 317 employees at 61 facilities. The purpose of the study was “to
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