Deoxygenated Blood Differences

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The vena cava is divided into two, they are the inferior and superior vena cava. De-oxygenated blood travels through superior vena cava and inferior vena cava (or the coronial sinus). These are the large vein that return deoxygenated blood back from the upper and lower part of the body to heart. The deoxygenated blood means that the blood has very low oxygen because the tissues in the body have used up the oxygen in the blood making the blood to turn darker instead of bright red.
The superior vena cava receives deoxygenated blood from the neck, upper limb and the head, while the inferior vena cava receives blood from the lower torso and the legs. The blood is then send to the heart.
The blood from the superior vena cava goes first to the right
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It is the only artery that carries oxygenated blood. The artery forces blood to the lungs for gaseous exchange to take place this is because the blood from the superior and inferior vena cava that goes into the right atria and to the right ventricle has more carbon dioxide in it than oxygen. This is because the body tissue have used up the oxygen in the blood causing it to become poor in oxygen. The blood need oxygen so that it can be supplied to the whole body and the tissues for energy. The left pulmonary artery send this blood to the…show more content…
It is the largest artery in human body. It is made up of a tube that starts from the top of the left ventricle and branched over the heart. Blood from the left ventricle is pumped into the aorta through the aortic valve. This valve opens and closes at each beating of the heat to allow flow of blood in one direction.
The aorta is divided into 4, they are:
Ascending aorta - rises up from the heart. The coronary arteries branches out from ascending aorta to supply blood to the heart. The coronary artery is responsible for supplying the heart with blood because the heart needs plentiful of supply of blood and oxygen. The heart been a pump made out of living tissue, the blood circulating from the heart cannot meet up with its demand for oxygen, therefore the coronary arteries supplies the heart muscle with blood and oxygen.
Aortic arch – supplies blood to head, neck and arm,
Descending thoracic aorta – This send supply of blood to the ribs
Abdominal aorta- This aorta starts from the diaphragm. Most of the major organs of the body get their supply of blood from the abdominal
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