Depression : Anxiety And Depression

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The obstacles I faced as a child was anxiety and depression. My past experiences dealing with my anxiety played a major role on my overall health physically and mentally. Physically dealing with my anxiety caused my body to react strangely in certain situations. For example my heart would beat faster than normal whenever I was nervous, and my palms would sweat heavily when in afraid. Anxiety messed with my mind mentally because every thought that came to my mind felt as if my thoughts wandered about one hundred miles per hour. This feeling was like the intense feeling a person get when they get too excited and their overwhelming emotions are too hard to tame. This bizarre feeling of anxiety was like trying to breathe underwater and the more you stay under the more you start to fade away and ultimately stop breathing. This was how I felt on the inside during my battle with anxiety and depression. My condition began when I was a child and I suffered from really bad panic attacks and asthma. Panic attacks are uncontrollable abnormal breathing that can be triggered by intense fear or nervousness. These panic attacks caused me to become depressed and to distance myself from others. I was very timid, quiet, and nervous to speak or even look directly at people because of my deep fear of being judged. This feeling of nervousness was as if I was an outcast from others my age. I did not know how to properly interact with people or express my feeling without going into a major

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