Describe Your Value Level Of Emotions

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Explain the awareness you have of how emotions play into your decisions and actions.

I recognize my awareness through my emotions through stress and worry, thoughts and decisions, and behavior that play into my everyday decisions and actions that keep me self-contained socially and mentally. As my husband tells me I’m the most un-social person he knows. By knowing what my strengths and weakness are and who I want to become will help me to be better motivated and manage my stress, thoughts, and behavior better.
Describe your value level for emotions in your learning experience.
I would say my value level for emotions in my learning experience would be super high. I get upset easy and let things bother me especially if I get a bad grade or if I can’t figure out what it is I need to do and I know I’m going to fail. I’ve always been afraid to ask for help to afraid they would think I was stupid. I hate being a failure I try so hard at everything I do and I seem to still struggle or fail. I feel like I’ve been a failure my whole life and I really want to get out of this and move forward. Before the doctor put me on anxiety medicine I would set and cry all the time while setting in class at school it made me not want to go I was so embarrassed I couldn’t control my emotions, then as I started college it started again all these emotions came about and this is when I realized I needed help if I was going to get through college. The medicine has helped somewhat with this part I still get upset pretty easy but it’s not as bad. I have better focus and attention and little things don’t bother me as
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I was obviously upset and feeling even a little irritated and angry”. I can relate to this feeling when or if I am called upon in class not knowing what to do or
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