Descriptive Essay About Animals

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The idea of unity among all species has always struck me as an important one. Until yesterday, I have never felt superior to any being, and the feeling was revolting. I felt as if I were in a higher position in life than these creatures, like` I was a king walking through my dungeon of imprisoners. I wanted to free them all so badly, because having so much control and not doing anything with it is useless. The pain traveling through my ears from the loud yelps and cries was nothing compared to the sadness I felt for the creatures that sat behind the cold cages. As I was walking up and down the short hallway, I couldn’t help but notice the way their tails were wagging back and forth merely because I was in their presence. Some were scratching at their cages, begging for an escape, while others were jumping up and down, ready to play. The place was not like the commercials. It is a pretty depressing atmosphere, but the animals were healthy and clean. The little fear that those strong critters had was chiefly covered with hope.
The outside of the building was painted a sky blue. Drawings of dogs and trees were plastered along the bottom. When I entered the gloomy building, I was instantly hit with a wave of cries. The inside smelt like shampoo and dog treats. The cleanliness of the place was not expected, but the icky, dirty aura was. This one building was filled with so many cats and dogs. I pictured it as a foster home for little, furry creatures. There were many signs and

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