Descriptive Essay About Wanganui

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Wanganui: The ghost town

Coming into community contact week (CCW) I was simultaneously excited and anxious. I was excited for the adventure side of it and a trip to a place that I hadn’t visited before but anxious about my groups ability to work together due to a lack of vocal enthusiasm and planning prior to the trip. However, by the time we arrived in Wanganui and had sorted out group dinner for the week I realised that this group would actually work well together. I found it extremely enjoyable working with everyone and especially getting to know the people I had never met before.

A surprising observation I made of the town itself, was that it was super empty. When comparing it to my town, it is about double the population but at least half the number of people seen on the streets. During some free time, I walked down the main street with another from the group, we saw about 10 people not including the shop workers the whole time. It wasn’t until our last day that I saw lots of people walking along the riverside, and by a lot I mean about 10 within 10 minutes. I couldn’t quite work out the reason that Wanganui seemed like a ghost town, it certainly wasn’t the cold, or lack of shops. Eventually I put it down to a lack of busses for what, to me, seems like a widespread community.

Our group of 11 students had a few bonding activities although only one involved all of us. Collectively we finished a 1000-piece jigsaw in our free time but we also had trips to the water

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