Descriptive Essay About Water

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Each breath feels like it could be my last. Hour after hour I continue to dive under the ice cold water to fetch oysters for the spaniards so they can have pearls. For minutes at a time I am underwater holding my breath while I rip the oysters out of their rocky beds and placing them in a netted bag. Once I can’t hold my breath any longer I return to the surface where my owner is waiting for me. If I even show a little bit of weakness he will torture me by hitting me and ripping my hair from my head. When he is done torturing me I continue to dive underwater to get more oysters.
Before it gets dark we return to the land where he chains me up with all the other pearl divers. Every night I watch the sun leave us which causes darkness to consume the Earth. I can’t see anything, but I hear the crickets chirping and the sound of chains moving across the ground every time one of us moves. Right before we fall asleep every night my close friend Haiti asks me the same question, “Bohio, will we ever be reunited with our tribe?” I always answer with “ Yes Haiti, someday.”
Finally I fall asleep, and once my eyes shut I begin to dream about the day that i was parted from my family. It’s not really a dream but more like a nightmare. It always begins with a faint smell of smoke and the sound of my tribe screaming. Then i can hear the sounds of the spaniards boots stomping on the ground and I can see them separating the women and children from the men. We all try to run but there are
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