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Sitting in Hale library in the late afternoon on Sunday before the beginning of finals week. Everything and everyone in this intense atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. Finals has truly change the meaning of what a library is. Going from a sanctuary of knowledge engulf with silence to a Sunday market filled with vast volumes of sound. Tables and trash cans filled with food and coffee, fuel to keep the machine going are scattered all over the library. This atmosphere of silence feels like thunder. Sitting here in my own concealed world, isolated by the music in my ears. Yet, I am still drawn to observe everything that moves around me. Like a predator stalking a prey I sit there in silence, not making a sound, watching every move. All around me are groups of different people talking, laughing, and listening. Large study groups create an orchestra of knowledge that radiates throughout the surrounding, with one person drawing and writing on the whiteboard acting as the composer. Each person with their different “instruments”, sharing and adding to the orchestra. The library is dotted with these large study groups and they are all studying different things. Looking around to see all these study groups I start to see similarities in each group. There is always a white board with one person distributing all the knowledge, and everyone else sits around the table with their computer and notes to remind them and help retain the knowledge until finals. As I look deeper into the faces of

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