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Beigely Familiar

You’re walking down the sidewalk on your way home. A chilly breeze blows, and you hunch your shoulders, shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket. Feeling a need for spontaneity, you decide to take a different turn. After five minutes of walking you come upon a corner store. You feel an urge to go in and you don’t know why; maybe because the store looks impossible somehow, with its smudged outline and colors that are slightly less visible than the colors of the other buildings on the street, or because of the way that none of the passersby even give it a glance. You enter the store and wander around, looking for nothing in particular. I beckon you over to the counter where I stand operating the register. I hand you a vaguely hamburger-shaped, blurry lump of beige. You stare at it. It is only a color; a color with form. It shouldn’t exist, yet there it rests in your hands, barely tangible. I explain that the beige can give you whatever you desire, in the moment you desire it. You listen intently, nodding in wonder. You purchase the beige and deposit the change in your jacket pocket, where it clinks softly. When you exit the store, you notice a tall man in a long jacket staring at you. You make eye contact, and something in your mind registers, but you ignore it. His head reads “depressed” but he smiles at you, and you wonder why. None of the other passersby even give you a glance. Suddenly, a flash of green light overtakes you. You find yourself

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