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I was waddling around in my playpen like any happy four-year-old would. Picking up and grabbing random toys and hurling them as hard my my chubby arm could. I looked at my brother with the biggest grin I could muster, as we heard my mother’s off-pitch voice, singing our favorite Disney songs to us, currently one from Sleeping Beauty, much to my brother’s dismay. It was the best day I can remember. My mother finished up with the song, and I thought it was the best thing I had ever heard. I didn’t know at the time that my mother is actually tone-deaf.
“Again, again, again!” I wailed.
I would never tire of that song, but everyone else certainly did. Even now she’ll randomly start humming the tune like she did for me so many times before. She just smiled at me and went back into the song. I stuck my tongue out at my brother and giggled. She was washing the dishes, a clean, and light scent that I would always breath in deeply. It was one of my favorite smell, and to this day, I always think of this when I smell the soap.
My mom came through the kitchen with a big smile on her young, pretty face.
“Daddy’s coming home soon” she crooned, scooping me out of the play pin.
I, being the elegant four-year-old, smiled and looked her straight in the eye as I drooled all over. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. It was after she made a face of love and slight disgust, that I heard the door knob start to turn. I looked over my mom’s shoulder and saw my Dad in the doorway. He

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