Designer Collection Of The Company Essay

Better Essays, and , their catalogs and through their business sales executives and independent distributors. The multiple channels help the company to reach wide variety of customers and offer their customers easy ways to reach the company which help the company to gain a lot of money. -Wide Product Portfolio: The company have a wide product mix which help them to attract more customers who have different taste and lifestyle. They offer engagement and bride jewelry, fine jewelry made from diamonds and platinum and other gemstones, jewelry that are only made from gold and silver. Their product portfolio also include the company’s designer collection: Elsa Peretti, Palmo Picasso, Frank Gehry. -Strong Operational Network: The company have jewelry manufactures in Botswana, Cambodia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Cumberland. lexington , Kentucky, the U.S., They have customer fulfillment center in Whippany , New Jersey, which is warehousing merchandise and direct to customers orders, and a retail service center in Parsippany, New Jersey.
This center is used for office and information technology operations, shipping, receiving and the rest of the distributions activities. Strong Operational Network helps the company to get the job done faster and more organized.
- Litigation: Tiffany & co is defendant in many litigations with its employees. Kristin Rightnour was an employee at Tiffany and sued the company in 2016 because they fired her

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