Designing A Product, An Advertiser

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When trying to sell a product, an advertiser must think of their target audience. For Covergirl, their audience is mainly women but it is for makeup enthusiast. Covergirl always tailors their advertisements in the same way. There is always a woman, normally it is just her head and her shoulders sometimes. She is posed very dramatically and she is always flawless with a clear complexion, contoured skin, full pink lips, bright eyes and perfectly styled hair. There is always a bold element or something that grabs your attention in a Covergirl advertisements. Most of them also have a theme for example, the blossom mascara ad that features Katy Perry has a theme of flowers with light pink flowers covering the page or the volume mascara ad…show more content…
The text underneath the picture describes the product and how it is better than the competition. This text talks about how the mascara is just as good if not better than false lashes. The colors used are very contrasting. The background is very light and Drew Barrymore is portrayed as pale and the only other color use is yellow. Black is used and is on her fishnet gloves and is very contrasting to the smooth texture and colors.
In this ad specifically, there is a lot of contrasting images. The black fishnet gloves in contrast to the smooth, glossy, silk fabric and the flawless face of Drew Barrymore. The dark color is only on the black gloves draws attention to the gloves. However, your attention then moves to the next darkest things, her eyes. They are effectively using the contrasting textures and colors to draw your attention to her eyelashes. Another effective fact is that Covergirl uses Drew Barrymore as a model, her familiar face plays on pathos and makes the audience trust the advertisement.
This image is a Covergirl ad advertising nylon mascara, using Drew Barrymore as a spokesperson for this product. This ad appeared in a magazine and a similar one aired on television. This ad was made by Covergirl, a well-known makeup production company. They have chosen to make this is to sell their new nylon mascara. Covergirl is attempting to sell this mascara to women, unhappy with their mascara or false
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