Designing An Aesthetic Functional Website Essay

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To create an aesthetic functional website I will need 30 hours. This will allow me to work meticulously and ensure all components function correctly. Additionally to ensure my site follows copyright legislation I will create many of my own images. My hourly rate for website design is £15 per hour. In addition to HTML/Javascript coding, I will employ my skills in flash, graphic design and application development. I feel this is an appropriate wage for an employee with my skillset. To keep my website online there will be many maintenance costs and regular activities. I will try to seek out a reliable economically friendly hosting service with a good reputation. I believe cloud hosting services are considered the most economically friendly because you can opt out a contract at any time. Upon finding a host I will consider the potential success of my website by conducting a risk assessment, compatibility test and performance examination. If I believe the site will be unstable I will not opt for a contracted hosting site. If I feel it will be successful I might be persuaded to get a contract. To find a reliable service I will use the internet to look for comparisons and reviews for each service. My other responsibility will include promoting the site using reliable marketing strategies . To promote a website, I will use pop-ups, spiders, direct marketing, domain names and blogs. In my final website design, I will have a facebook page link and a blog integrated within my
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