Development Of Entrepreneurial Marketing For Smes

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Table of Contents
1 – Introduction: 2
2 – Development of entrepreneurial marketing for SMEs: 2
3 – Personal Contact Networks (PCNs): 3
4 – Use of Personal Contact Networks (PCNs) within HB Agency: 4
5 – An entrepreneurial approach to Personal Contact Networks: 4
6 – Carson et al, (1995 's) model: 5
7 – Tools of Personal Contact Networks (PCNs): 5
8 – Personal Contact Networks practices of SMEs: 5
9 – Conclusion: 6
References: 8
Appendices: 9
Appendices (A): 9
Appendices (B): 10
Appendices (C): 10

1 – Introduction:
HB Agency was founded in 1999 by Nicolas Boillot and Kevin Hart. It is a private business to business venture, having 11 – 50 employees who are quite experts and having competencies of marketing. HB Agency aims to provide solutions to its clients regarding marketing and to advance their businesses. It is integrating the best marketing disciplines for developing highly efficient campaigns and developing marketing solutions for its clients by utilising its expertise in public relations, branding, event support and many more. HB Agency is widening the opportunities for its clients to advance their business objectives for gaining more outcomes and revenue. Furthermore, HB Agency has focused into three main markets where it has more expertise: medical-tech, high-tech and clean-tech for making sure that it is serving its clients with high level of confidence and expertise (HB, 2013).
Kate, J. (2015) described that HB Agency is investing a lot in public relations as it

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