Development Of Tourism : The California Travel And Tourism Commission ( Cttc )

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Development of Tourism in California

Yuling Wang
Travel and Tourism Expert

For Michael Rossi
The Chair of the Executive Committee of
The California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC)

April 20 2015

Executive Summary
This report investigates whether the travel and tourism industry in California is declining. The results are based on analyzing the major trends and developments that will benefit the travel industry, and then examines factors that could sabotage the current positive trends. The report demonstrates that, despite the negative effect brought by economic downturn, earthquake and environmental concerns, California travel industry is thriving and will continue to grow in the future. Diverse attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, and national parks attract many visitors to California every year. For every $109,000 in spending by tourists, one Californian is employed (It’s a Word...It’s a Plane, p.3). The increased number of tourists creates not only jobs but also tax revenues for the state. China and Brazil are two of the largest markets for California travel industry. The implement of Visa Waiver Program in these countries has significantly expedited visa processing, and increased the length of visa validity as well as length of stay. In order to maintain current trend and prevent decline, the report suggests that the state should continue to invest in infrastructure to make traveling more convenient; collaborate with travel

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