Diabetes : A Common Disease Essay

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I have chosen to write my paper on diabetes. Many people in my family have been diagnosed with it. I have always wanted to know more about diabetes, but never had a reason to look things up besides the fact of being very curious about the disease. I know a few things about it because of spending so much time with my younger cousin and watching her do things to care for herself. I used to ask her many questions about it, but I figured she had gotten tired of me asking constantly, so I just gave up the idea of having much knowledge about diabetes until now.
Did you know that many people are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, otherwise known as diabetes, every year? Approximately 18.2 million Americans have diabetes and about 1/3 of Americans do not know they have it (Diabetes). There are three different types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational. Diabetes is a very common disease throughout the world. The most common group of people affected by diabetes are usually children, in the form of type 1 diabetes. Diabetes means “siphon” (to pass through), and mellitus means sweet. Back in the 17th century, diabetes was known as “pissing evil” (History of Diabetes). Diabetes is referred to as a group of diseases that affects how the body uses glucose that there is no known cure for yet. Glucose is a very important source of energy for the cells to make up the muscle mass and tissues (Diabetes). Glucose is also known as the brains main source of fuel. In other words,

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