Different Differences And Similarities Between China Vs. China

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Germany vs China

Germany, a western country is well-known for beer, sausage and innovative technology. China, an eastern country is well-known for delicious food, martial arts and low priced products. Everyone knows they are completely different. However, can you raise some concrete examples showing their difference? And is it true that both of them do not have a single similarity at all? Though, they have certain similar aspects if you look closer.

One obvious difference between Germany and China is the food habit. German tends to have cool food for breakfast, which comprises bread, cheese and cold meat like ham and salami, whereas Chinese tend to have hot food at the beginning of day, such as congee, which is a thick, white porridge made of rice and water. For German, bread and dairy products are their main staple food. Bread is a part of most of their meals a day. Differ from Germany, the staple food in China is rice. Rice is an essential part in Chinese food culture. For example, …show more content…

German are confident and expressive generally, whereas Chinese are timid and overcautious. When talking about personal ideas, thoughts or opinions, German are willing to express their individual ideas; in contrast, Chinese tend to not express themselves openly and directly. It is because that Chinese do not dare to be an individual or special one in a group, as well as they are afraid of getting into troubles. In the view of politeness, Chinese also barely reject other’s requests directly even though they are unwilling to help, while German would be very direct and open. If German are not willing to help, they would reject straightly. In terms of problem-solving approach, Chinese would look for another way to achieve the goal at the first place, in order to avoid the problems that they may have to come across. In comparison, German face the problems and barriers directly, and then solve

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