Different Forms Of Communication At Salford City College

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Salford City College has to communicate with over 5,000 people across its 5 centres (City Skills, Eccles, Future Skills, Pendleton and Walkden) this is done using various forms of communication, these are; Written, verbal, web-based, multimedia and onscreen.
Written Communication
Salford City College uses written communication; one of these forms of written communication is letters. Letters are a good way of communicating because you can get all the information down at once in a very clear and concise way. But the postal service is not always 100% reliable, letters can be lost, delivered to the wrong address or not arrive on time. This means that information could be lost and not communicated to the right person, so letters can be an unreliable for of communicating. Also Salford City College has over 5000 students across its campuses; at around 20p per printing of a letter, it is a very expensive way of getting information to each student.

Reports are also used to communicate with students and guardians of the students. Reports are generally printed and sent out to each student or given to them. They inform on the grades of a student and what they might be like to teach (i.e. how they behave in class). Giving them to the students themselves might mean that they never make it to the guardians; this means that they can be unreliable. But giving the reports to the students instead of mailing them saves on postage, even though printing still has to be paid for, it is…
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