Different Learning Styles Essay

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Different Learning Styles

Students have different ways to learn. Some people are hands on learners or visual learners. Teachers try to adapt the way they teach; to the way their students learn the best. The information that is being taught should be made fun so that the students remember the information. Schools are also using new technology to help students learn. Different learning styles have different effects on people.

Different learning styles are the talk of many school districts from near and far. The study of different learning styles has gone back since the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. We all know that people have different ways of learning, so teachers try to teach the way their
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Prediction of educational psychology course grades by age and learning style scores did a study to show how different learning styles effect test and course grades. They use 105 college students who took four tests. ?The best predictions of the course grade were the students? ages and two Inventory of Learning Processing and Fact Retention. The Deep Processing scale measures high-order type of items which include analyses, evaluations, and comparisons of information; whereas, the Fact Retention scale measures low-order type of items which include factual information and memory recall.? (Gadzella,2002) The ILP (Inventory of Learning Processing) is assessed by behavioral-process orientation and used to study actual classroom behaviors. Deep processing scale assesses to what extent to which ?subjects critically evaluate, analyze, organize, and compare and contrast information.? (Gadzella, 2002) Fact Retention scale assesses ?how effectively specific factual information is retrieved from one?s memory.? (Gadzella, 2002) After doing these studies for many years it has been said that ILP is very reliable and valid. ?In 1983, Lockhart and Schmeck studied the validity of the four ILP scales with the different components of a course and demonstrated how these scales can be useful to instructors who would like to ?conceptualize and account for students' individual scores?
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