Different Types Of Leadership Styles

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In the past several years, researchers have done a thorough research work in how they define leadership and leadership behavior. Leadership students and researchers have described many different types of leadership styles. The democratic and autocratic leadership styles are just two of the most prominent leadership styles that have been identified in leadership literatures.

In 1939, a group of researchers led by psychologist Kurt Lewin decided to identify the different types of leadership styles that exist in the modern world. This early study was very important and actually established the three major leadership styles (democratic, autocratic and lasseiz-faire) that are very common in today 's leadership literature. In Lewin 's study, school children were assigned to one of three groups. Autocratic, democratic, or lasseiz-faire leader led each group. The kids were told by each group leader to complete an arts and crafts project as various researchers observed the children 's behavior in response to each leader 's leadership styles. The result of the study show that children in democratic group were less productive than members of the authoritarian but their contributions were of a much higher quality. So, the main question is : Which of this leadership style is better according to various past researches? The answer is : It depends. Leadership style has changed from a very autocratic approach to a very creative participative approach. This…
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