Discuss The Scope Of Educational Psychology

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When it comes to education a huge importance is given to the topic Psychology. Whenever the term psychology comes people think about the mental illnesses. But it has provided the world with a better understanding of the human behavior. When applying it in the field of education it has made a huge difference in learning and helped teachers to get to know the learner better. It has given a new meaning to learning inside a class classroom. There are various sub divisions of psychology. The aim of this assignment is to explore and explain the role of educational psychology in teaching. In this assignment I have included twelve main scopes of educational psychology and explained about how it benefits the teachers and the students.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is the branch of psychology which deals with education. It explains about the human behavior in the educational
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It has developed its own sub topics known as scopes. Scope can be defined as different processes, topics, applications, or subject and discipline matters. (Lecture notes). Below are some factors that is included in the scope of educational psychology.

1. Growth and Child development

The kids does not only study from school, but from the environment since the first day. It explains the development and the growth and how the child goes through the various these developmental stages and the characteristics of each stage. It explains about physical, emotional, and social development of the child at various stages.

Having this knowledge helps the teacher to have a better understanding of the child’s attitude and it makes it easier to understand and manage them in the classroom. The teacher can use the appropriate method to teach the student. Also the students find it easier to fit in and helps to build a closer relationship with the
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