Disgusting : The Tale Of Onnmund And Adephagia

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Disgusting is the tale of Onnmund and Adephagia. A tale of death, cannibalism, and adultery, it is not a tale for children. Our tale begins in the middle of March, in a small, dusty, and all around quite pitiful little shack. The floors are nonexistent, the walls made of, what, sticks, and straw? The door is more of a glorified piece of bark, and there are of course no windows to be found. It is dark, and somehow, in this blazingly hot summer, the air is thick with moisture. The small building is surrounded by lush forest, and a few more little huts. If you climbed up one of the trees, you could almost see an abandoned castle, beckoning adventurers to go and explore. Yet, sadly, this is not our tale. Onnmund awoke with a grumble. He found it hard to sleep with the sounds of his children crying. Ungrateful dung.. He grunted and stood up, his back feeling like he was hit with one of Zeus' lighting bolts. Obviously not, though. He worshipped Zeus every day. Onnmund grabbed his clothes and walked over to the door, not that there was much of a door anyways, and opened it. The sun was gorgeous this morning, absolutely magnificent. It's rays shone down upon the earth, lighting it up like fire in a cave. Onnmund got down on his knees. "O, awesome, and terrible Apollo, I thank you with all of my being! Thank you for your gift of sun and light, for we would be worms without it!" Onnmund announced skyward. He was a man of worship, for sure. Dusting himself off, he got up

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