Do You Know How Many Types Of Digital Marketing?

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Do you know how many types of digital marketing are used in business? Can you name the various examples of digital marketing available in 2017? Would you believe it if I tell you that there are more than five digital marketing tools available? Yes, there are more than five digital marketing tools that can be used in business to reach its customers locally and worldwide. The concept of digital marketing is broad and is the phrase most commonly used today. It brings together all forms of marketing and operating by electronic devices (i.e., on mobile and onscreen). However, digital marketing is used to build awareness and to advertise a brand or goods online using all available digital channels. The following are some of the most popular …show more content…

This develops trust and loyalty with a company while also promoting sales. PPC (pay per click)
Pay for Clicks PCP It is known as paid search, a type of digital marketing in which sponsors pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. From many types of research done by Google Analytics, paid search is the most clicked advertisement among other types of digital promotion. A paid search is a way of buying visits to a company’s site, and not aiming to get those visits organically. Search engine advertising is a digital marketing method and is the most widespread form of PPC. In this process, paid advertisements are commonly located to the right or above of the ‘organic’ search results. The cost for paid search depends on the competitiveness of the keyword that you are bidding on. In 2016, PPC became critical for a digital marketing tool that is still being used by many companies. This suggests that people do not mind these advertisements, especially if the products and services, which are promoted, fit the customer 's needs. Moreover, we use search engines when we look for goods and services; therefore, the results, including the ads, are very pertinent and audience-specific. Plus, Google has created an excellent method for assuring that the PPC ads meet the user’s needs. PPC is good for sponsors; they are offered alternative ways in marketing their products that had not been possible before.

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