Drinking Milk

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Milk is a nutrient-rich power-house that benefits people of all ages, from infancy to well into their golden years. Studies have shown milk to help build strong teeth and bones, manage blood pressure, aid in weight management, and can be used as a great tasting post workout recovery drink. These are some of the reasons I choose to drink milk and to give it to my family. It is true that humans are the only mammals to drink milk after being weaned, and they are also the only ones to drink milk from other animals. The consumption of milk after weaning has been in practice for centuries. Scientists have discovered degraded fat particles that are found in milk on unearthed potshards of European farmers from as early as 4000 B.C. Since …show more content…
A 12-week study of 34 obese adults on a balanced, modestly reduced-calorie diet found that those who consumed a calcium-rich diet supplied by 3 servings of yogurt a day lost 22% more weight, 66% more body fat and 81% more trunk fat compared to those who simply reduced calories and consumed little or no dairy. The participants who ate 3 servings of yogurt also lost significantly more inches around the waist compared to those on the low-dairy diet. Zemel MB, Richards J, Mathis S, Milstead A, Gehardt L, Silva E. Dairy augmentation of total and central fat loss in obese subjects. 2005; 391-397.
Men and women in Israel with the highest calcium and milk intakes were the most likely to have a BMI in the normal range. Women with the highest calcium intakes had the smallest waist Circumference. Dicker D, et al. On the relationship between dietary calcium intake, body mass index and waist size. 2004; Supplement 1(28): S59.

Along with a healthy diet including low fat milk exercise is recommended. Drinking chocolate milk as an after workout snack provides protein, a little fat, and carbohydrates for recovery. It has been suggested that drinking chocolate milk within the first 2 hours after exercise can refuel and rehydrate your body. On The hit television series "The Doctors" praised low fat chocolate milk for its nutritional benefits and a post workout recovery beverage. Athletes need strong healthy bones and

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