Drugs And Drug Abuse

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As we all know drugs are given to you by a doctor for a specific purpose, either to cure an illness or treat an ongoing disease. Otherwise taking prescription drugs can be dangerous for your body and overall physical health. To go with this they can be very addictive if someone starts to take them for recreational purposes. Just as hard drugs can take control of someone’s life, so can prescribed drugs if is it not a monitored situation.

Anyone who starts to abuse hard drugs such as Crack or Heroin can run into serious health issues. They are addicting and dangerous substances which can cause major long term damage, sometimes the damage in irreversible if the situation has gone to far. Substances that your body does not want are being injected directly into your bloodstream, not only is the risk of illness phenomenally high but there is potential that any dose could be your last. Over 50,000 Americans overdosed on drugs in 2016, showing that fatal accidents are not a rare occurrence when it comes to substance abuse. There are many reasons as to why the victim may have died from shooting up. The batch that was supplied to them may have been bad, not having the correct balance of ingredients. The victim may have put too much into his blood stream, causing a fatal reaction to the dosage. Or they may just have done it for the first time and had a bad reaction to what they put in their body. Drugs are lethal substances and should not be taken lightly, whether you are buying them

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